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The Greek gods and titans are not in our chronology.

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Q: Did humans exist at the same time as the Greek titans?
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Are titans the same as Olympians?

No. The Greek gods were good and the Titans were evil versions of them.

In the Greek Mythology the Origin of the Universe?

I believe it is. The Greeks were one of the first known people to exist. Egyptians and Africans were around the same time as the age of the Titans.

Are there twenty titans in Greek mythology?

There are 12 titans in Greek mythology. 2 of them were good, the rest were bad No i disagree technically it was 10 of them fought on the titans side and 2 of them fought on the Gods side

Who is kronos in Percy Jackson the Olympians?

That's basically the same Kronus (or Kronos) that appears in ancient Greek mythology - the boss of the Titans, and father of several of the Greek gods.

What species of dinosaur did ancient humans most often hunt for food?

Dinosaurs and humans did not exist at the same time. Humans were never able to hunt them.

Are humans made out off the same elements as stars?

Elements which exist in stars exist also in humans, the concentrations are very different. An exception is helium, an element without biological significance.

Where was greek god Poseidon born?

Somewhere on Olympus or the mountain of the Titans I believe. He and his siblings besides Zeus were born at the same time from Cronous's stomach.

Name four structures that exist and function in the exact same way in humans and in cows?

The brain, the eyes, the ear and the bones act the way as in humans and are in cows.

What is the same about pixies and humans?

As depicted in fiction (the only place pixies exist)--especially by Disney Studios--pixies appear as tiny humans with insect wings.

Is there any relations between ancient man and alien?

Ancient humans are the same species as we are. Aliens, if they exist, have nothing in common with humans most likely. So no.

What are the first generation of immortal gods?

the first immortals in greek legend were the titans. titans are the same as the god but they are a lot meaner. the titans are children of Gaea and Uranus, the earth and the sky. the head titand Kronos cut up his father and threw the chopped up Uranus all around the world in the sea. then when Kronos had children THEY cut him up and threw him into Tartarus, a gaint pit in the underworld that was made just for him. his children were the greek gods

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as long as humans still exist, then no, but we all know that music isn't the same as in the old times.