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she is the same age as Percy and Annabeth

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Q: How old is thalia in the titans curse?
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Who plays Thalia in the Titans Curse?

Actually, a lot of people say that no one knows who plays Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus, but actually they're casting Sara Paxton.

What is The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan about?

It's about how Thalia is now a new character and how they get two new kids that are half bloods. Then it is about, well, The Titans curse. The titan is Kronos.

The plot for the book the titans curse?

The Goddess Artemis is kidnapped and Annabeth is missing. So its up to Zoe, Thalia, Grover, Bianca and Percy to find and save them.

What is a summary of The Titans Curse?

The Titan's Curse is a book about Percy's quest to save Artemis or Annabeth. He takes the quest with his best friend, Grover, Thalia and two hunters named Zoe and Biance.

What is Thalia's Last name off of The Titan's Curse?

Thalia Grace

What does Thalia like to do?

it is hinted throughout the series that thalia has romantic feelings toward luke, though it never said that luke felt the same way.Also in book three(The Titans Curse) when they meet Apollo, Thalia says hes hot.Percy says Apollo is the sun god so he is supposed to be hot.But Thalia says not that kind of hot.And when Apollo talks to Thalia, Thalia blushed.

Has Rachel for The Titan's Curse?

Who is playing Rachel for the titans curse?

Does Thalia destroy the Olympus in the book the titan curse?

In short, no.

What are the names of the characters in The Titan's Curse?

Thalia, Percy, Annabeth and Grover

Who are the characters in The Titans Curse?

Maincharacters throughout the whole series are Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood as well as the twelve Olympians and camp director Chiron. Characters introduced in this book are Zoe Nightshade Nico Di Angelo and Bianca Di Angelo. Thalia Grace was motioned in previous book in the series but is more present in The Titans curse. Silena Beauregard makes her first appearance in this book but is not important until The Last Olympian and The Demigod Files.

How old is annabeth in titans curse?

It never says what Annabeth's age is in the Titan's Curse. However she was thirteen in the Sea of Monsters, the second book of the Percy Jackson series. That should make her fourteen in the Titan's Curse.

Where is Percy at the begin of The Titan's Curse?

he's in his mom's car with Annabeth and Thalia