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it is about this boy who goes on many adventures to seek thing or save his camp

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it is about saveing anibeth

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Q: What is the book The Titans Curse about?
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What is the name of the third book in the series ' The Lightnung Thief'?

The Titans Curse

Who published Titans Curse?

Hyperion Books for Children published the book.

What is the third book in 'the magic thief' trilogy?

The Titans curse!! Im 11!

When is the titans curse coming out?

The book is already on sale, and they are not even making the movie yet.

In the book called the titan's curse what 'things' chase Percy?

In the Titans Curse, the manticore(Dr.Thorn), the nemean lion, and warrior skeleton things chase him.

Has Rachel for The Titan's Curse?

Who is playing Rachel for the titans curse?

How old is annabeth in titans curse?

It never says what Annabeth's age is in the Titan's Curse. However she was thirteen in the Sea of Monsters, the second book of the Percy Jackson series. That should make her fourteen in the Titan's Curse.

Can you think of any other titles for the titan's curse?

I think that maybe something like " Kronos' revenge" would also suit the book, but the titans curse is better in my opinion

Is Percy Jackson and the titans curse on netflix?

The Titan's Curse (third book in the Percy Jackson series) has not been made into a movie as of yet.

What was the monster Artemis was fighting in the book The Titans Curse?

Artemis otherwise known as the goddess f the moon was fighting atlas.

How is Nico like in titans curse?

Nico is the son of a titan or god, just read the book I hafta do a Reading Response about The Titans Curse and plus the stories ok I'm just searching about the last 4 chapters for my ______ because I can't think of anything.

What is the ploy of titans curse?

I'm sorry I don't read the books but poly means more then 1 so I would say the curse from the many titans.