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Anyone could be mummified, and mummification was desirable, since the Egyptians believed that the process allowed the soul to live on after death. However, it was expensive, so common people were rarely mummified. Pharaohs, government officials, and members of the nobility were often mummified, as were some animals (cats, birds, baboons, bulls, and other animals that held special religious significance in Ancient Egyptian society).

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No,even the pets of pharoas were mummified.It shows that the members of pharoas family & palace were mummified.

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No so did animals

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Q: Did the Egyptians only mummify certain people?
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What animals did egyptians mummify?

mummified cats and dogs but only if that was their rulers pet.

Why do they mummify mummies?

They mummify people because they believe that is the only way they can go to the after life. The also mummify cats, dogs, alligators, monkeys, ext.

What is the smallest animal egyptians could mummify?

Theoretically, the Egyptians could have mummified any animal they wanted. But, they only mummified animals that they thought human decedents would want as company in the afterworld. So, the smallest animal they usually bothered to mummify was a pet cat.

What pets did Tutankhamen have?

The Ancient Egyptians loved to mummify their pets (well only the rich ones)! They especially liked to mummify cats. The cat goddess was called Bastet. Hope i helped! :)

Beside human beings Egyptians embalmed these?

Embalm means to mummify. They embalmed many of their people, their phaorohs and their pets such as cats and even hawks.cats and dogs are basically the only thing other than humans that the egyptians embalmed.

Why did Egyptians mummify bodies?

The Egyptians believed in an afterlife in a different world, but one similar in many respects. They felt that the body must be preserved for an afterlife to occur. The Egyptians mummified all bodies because they wanted all Egyptians to have a happy afterlife or life after death. Most people think that they only mummified the pharaohs but that is not the case. They just left better presents than for the non-pharaohs or peasants. They also put only the Pharaohs in elaborate tombs such as the Pyramids. They put non-pharaohs or peasants in regular casket-like containers.

Did people put curses in pyramids?

Only the Egyptians.

Who are the people indigenous to Egypt?

The indigenous people of Egypt are the Egyptians. The Copts are the only group of people who are uniformly descendants of the Ancient Egyptians while most Egyptian Muslims (the Arab Egyptians) are a mix of Ancient Egyptian ancestry and Arabian ancestry.

Who made mummies?

mummies were made by the egyptians. skilled artisans made mummies, and they were supervised by government officials llike priests. not only did the rich get mummifedUsually Ancient Egyptian preists were the only ones aloud to mummify, with the supervision of the god Anubis (God of Enbalming)They are called Embalmers

Did Egyptians wear shoes?

Yes, in fact they did. People only wore them, though, when they had to. Most egyptians didn't wear shoes, but most did.

How many ancient Egypt people farm today?

There are no "Ancient Egyptians" today; only "Modern Egyptians". As a result, the question as posed is unanswerable. Currently, 29% of Modern Egyptians or roughly 24 million Egyptians, farm.

Did Egyptians think that they were the only people in the planet?

No, they were well aware of other cultures and peoples.