Do goths always wear black

Updated: 4/28/2022
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black is my fave color and other goths wear it too. some wear it all the time and some wear it and the other colors. so no.

red is the color of blood and love. my friend (also a goth as well as her sister) wore a blood-red dress on her wedding and the bridesmaids wore black. she didn't have it in the church, though. she wanted it under a giant redwood in a graveyard. She loves scary things, which makes us so alike and that story had more red than black.

I do wear black dresses and I wear black alot, but not 100 per cent.

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Q: Do goths always wear black
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What are goths beliefs?

To always wear black

Do goths always have to wear make up?

no, goth do not ALWAYS HAVE TO WEAR MAKE UP but most goths do

Do goths wear earrings?

yeah! Lots of goths wear earings! They usually wear black earings though.

What colors do punk wear?

they wear black,red, goths.

What shoes do goths wear?

Black boots are the common type of shoes that Goths wear. However, there's really no specific "type" of shoe for a Goth

What do emo goths wear?

Black clothing, and converse, and like skinny jeans.....

Why do people mistake goths for emos or even think their the same?

Because both emo's and goths have crazy hair, wear black, and are sorta dark.

What does goths dress up in?

goths like black, and lace. Lots and lots of black and lace. Maybe some baggy jeans, either that or black skinnny jeans. They wear skulls, get body piercings, wear converse, black, dont forget. They have many piercings on their ears, they listen to punk, rock, etc....they watch a LOT of anime and read a LOT of manga,and they wear black/gothic jewlery.

Why does Rihanna always wear black?

She doesn't always wear black

Do goths burn them selves?

No. Goths wear black you faxking retard. Emo's like you burn themselves. no honey those are emoz their the ones ho hert themself i would no im one of them

Can goths wear shoes?

Yes they can

Why do Goths wear scary makeup?

Goths wear make-up. YOU perceive it as scary. The question should be "why are you scared of Goth make-up?"