Goths and emos

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Goth people ware all black and emo people cut and hurt themselfe

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Q: Goths and emos
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Are emos goths?

No, emos are not goths. They are two different subcultures.

What is the diffrens between a emo and a goth?

Emos are a little more colorful than goths. We can also be more outgoing. Goths can also be worshipers of the devil and do witchcraft where as that is not common among emos. If you google pictures of emos then goths you'll see the difference.

Does emos and gothics get along with fun and creative people?

Emos yes. Goths not so much.

What are some sites for emos and goths to post there art?

Do Goths and Emos go to hell?

No. In spite of the common misconceptions that goths and emos are evil, they are not as evil as people play them out to be. Instead, when they die, their being is wiped entirely from existence just like everyone else.

Should we get rid of goths and emos?

The only way to do that is to make world peace happen

Why do people mistake goths for emos or even think their the same?

Because both emo's and goths have crazy hair, wear black, and are sorta dark.

Do emos and goths always have to be depressed?

Of course not. I highly doubt that depression makes people emo

Who sells white foundation?

Try Hot Topic or another store that caters to goths and emos.

Do goths like avenged sevenfold?

i dont think its the thing to steriotype but yes goths and emos tend to like heavy rock bands such as Avenged Sevnfold.

How do you know if you are goth?

First, that is offensive to goths. You aren't born a goth - you choose to be one so you don't "know if you're goth". Second - please don't mix up goths and emos, usually (not always) emos are depressed that's why EMO like EMOtional. Goths are proud of themselves and want to be induvidual and stand out. There, now you know - YOU'RE WELCOME!

What is the difference between emo mosher and goth?

I don't know what MOSHER is?!?!?! (1)attitude- emos are ussually sad and goths are ussually mad ir angry (2)style- goths wear nothing but black and emos wear many colors there are more things but I'm not sure about goths cus I'm emo so I can't answer anything more... Sorry