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No, he did not. When Perseus met Atlas he had already seen the three sisters and killed Medusa.

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Q: Does Atlas tell Perseus about the gray sisters?
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Why did Atlas tell Perseus to leave?

Because Atlas remembered an ancient prophecy which had warned him that a son of Jupiter [which is Perseus] would one day rob him of his golden apples.

How did perseus beat the grey sisters?

Perseus needed to find out where Medusa, the woman with snakes for hair, was. As he was looking for her, sorry if I'm incorrect, he met the Gray Sisters; three sisters with only one eye that they had to share between them. Perseus stole the eye from them and threatened to throw it in a large, deep lake if they didn't tell him where medusa was. Since without the eye, they'd all be completely blind, they gave Perseus the information he wanted and he gave back the eye.

Why did Perseus visit the gray sisters?

He needed to ask them where the nymphs of the north lived because he needed 3 magical items from them. When he got their he took their only eye and forced them to tell him where they lived.

Why did perseus take the eye of the three gray womens?

To force them to tell him where Medusa, the gorgon lived.

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tell me peeps

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