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What you have to do is go to the world tree and defeat lots of enemies. You get grade points for the quicker you defeat enemies. This is were the world tree comes in.Also make sure that you set your strategy and formation so that your allies dont lose hp and start wasting tp on weak enemies.This is because the more hp and tp you end up with the more grade points you get. I was trying to be a ninja (1000 gp required) and it only took me about 1 hour and i started at 4 gp.

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Q: How can you make an easy grade points at tales of the world radiant mythology?
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Is there a Tales of the world radiant mythology 2 English patch yet?

As of now not yet But there is one in Gametorrents but were not sure.. since its a rar. file

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What are the ratings and certificates for Tales of the World Radiant Mythology - 2006 VG?

Tales of the World Radiant Mythology - 2006 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:T

How do you get the lanser class in tales of the world radiant mythology?

you cant get the lancer...

Best rpg game for psp?

tales of the world: radiant mythology

Is there tales of the abyss in a psp?

Yes, But its anothes version of Tales Of The Abyss.Its call Tales Of The World : Radiant Mythology, i think its very close to Tales Of The Abyss in PS2, I THINK. Hops This Help..

How do you change character in tales of the world radiant mythology 2?

When your in a battle, press the triangle> then press start! that's all..

In tales of the world radiant mythology when will you become a magic night?

Beat Kratos in a duel, and he should give you a Magic Knight Invitation.

Is there a Tales of the world radiant mythology 2 English patch yet?

As of now not yet But there is one in Gametorrents but were not sure.. since its a rar. file

How do you make easy money in tales of the world radiant mythology?

all u need to do is to go magic dungeons fight monsters and they give u equipment. sell them.

Tales of the world radiant mythology where to find a light cape?

In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, the Light Cape can be found as a rare drop from enemies in the game. You may need to defeat specific monsters multiple times in order to obtain the Light Cape as a drop. Keep exploring different areas and battling various enemies to increase your chances of finding it.

How many books are in the tales of a sixth grade muppet series?

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How do you get sound test in tales of symphonia?

In "Tales of Symphonia", you can access the sound test feature by going to the Grade Shop after completing the game. Sound test usually requires a certain amount of grade points to be unlocked. Once unlocked, you can listen to various tracks from the game.

When i open my tales of radiant mythology 3 in psp there's a notice that written in Japanese that when i press circle it will lead to back to home of my psp help anyone?

Make sure you have the latest firmware, and make sure the UMD is not damaged.