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Q: How did Roman Conquests Lead to the birth of a new civilization?
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Where did the name plumber come from?

The name plumber dates from the Roman empire. In Roman times, roofs were made of Lead, or plumbum in Latin (hence the periodic territory of the elements symbol of 'Pb' for lead). Lead roofs were waterproof, and the workers on such roofs were what are now called "plumbers". Roman baths later used lead for piping and for the main baths. A person with expertise in working with lead was known as a Plumbarius, eventually shortened to plumber. Answer brought to you from Britney at

What are major accomplishments of king darius 1?

He made the Royal Road which allowed quick communications and promoted trades.

What did plumbers in rome use for pipes?

At the time of the Roman Empire, the Romans used pipes made of lead, because it is a cheap metal that is easily worked into pipes, and which unlike iron doesn't rust. The Romans didn't worry about lead poisoning. Lead pipes continued to be used even into the mid 20th century, before we became more concerned about the danger of lead poisoning.

What events led to the decline of Egyptian civilization?

The Egyptian civilization was once one of the worldâ??s great empires and one of the most advanced. There is not one specific event that lead to the decline. It was the unfortunate corruption, mismanagement and lack of investment into the country that cause their problems.

'All roads lead to Rome' speech?

I don't think that there is any one speech that invented that saying. Nor is there any famous speeches that use it jumping to mind. I do know, though, that this was a famous saying in the Roman Empire. Rome had an amazing road system starting from all of its gates going to every city they ruled. So they said 'all roads lead to Rome', because anyone living in the Roman Empire could get there on a stone road.

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How did Alexander's conquest lead to the new civilization?

how did alexander's conquests lead to a new civilization? --what the hell kind of an answer is that?! Some of the greatest conquests of Alexander the great included the victory over the Persian Empire and the Invasion of India. Look him up on the regular wikipedia for more.--

What Civilization did Julius caesar lead?

Julius Ceasar lead the Roman cilization from 49 B.C. to 44B.C.

How and why the early humans started to lead a setteld life and how the early settlements gave birth to civilization in India sub continent?

they lead to living in groups and travelled here and there in search of food and water

Why did civilization of mesopotamia stop?

It didn't actually stop, it evolved with the birth of other kingdoms and states

Who is Steves's daddy?

Jade Roman gave birth,raised,and lead Steve Calderon who's real name is Nathaniel

What good civilization did queen Cleopatra lead?

Cleopatra led the Egyptian civilization.

How did Hernando Cortes become an explore?

He became an explore by his eager, conquests, and that is how he lead himself to his first expedition.

How did Alexander's conquests lead to a development of a new culture?

u guyz c'monanswer this question i have a quiz 2morrow

How did Alexander's conquests lead to the rise of civilization?

Various types of civilisation existed long before Alexander. His object was to bring in Greek culture to promote his view of civilisation. This spread a veneer of Greek culture through western Asia and Egypt, but this progressively wore thin after his death.

Did Julius Caesar lead the first roman invasion?

Julius Caesar did not lead the first roman invasion but he did lead the first roman invasion on great Britain

Who was chosen to lead the roman army in a day?

If you mean who was chosen to lead the roman army according to legend, it is Cincinnatus.

What did Alexander the Great's conquests of Greece Asia Minor Egypt and Persia lead to?

he won against the Persians