How did farming develop?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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the development of agriculture is when

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Q: How did farming develop?
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What year did farming develop in mexico?


How did rice farming develop in japan?

from india

What allowed civilizations to develop?

The conversion from hunter/gather to farming forms of subsistence.

What are the regions around the world did farming develop independently?


What resources Mesopotamia a good place for farming to develop?


What resources made mesopotamia a good place for farming to develop?


Where in the world did large scale cultivation or farming first develop?

Up yoUr A$$

How did groups in the southwest different from those of the Great Plains and why?

Seasonal weather enabled Southwest groups to develop subsistence farming. welcome

What did people not do in response to the environmental limitations on farming?

Develop drought-resistant crops

Where did farming develop?

Everywhere in the civilized world, starting around 3,000 BC.

How did farming develop in Sumer?

the farmers depended on rainfall to water large crops

In what geographical regions did farming develop?

Greater supply skill ideas and needs