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Q: How did people in ancient Egypt cure broken bones?
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How many people die a year from broken bones?

It is rare for people to die directly from broken bones. Deaths related to broken bones usually occur due to complications such as blood clots, infections, or severe injuries. The number of deaths specifically from broken bones each year is relatively low.

Why do ancient bones still exist when the rest of the persons body is gone?

in Egypt they put the mummy in the pyramid

Do bones glow when you die?

No. Go to a museum and you will see ancient bones of people and animals they do not glow.

When was The Broken Bones created?

The Broken Bones was created in 2000.

What are people who do x-rays for broken bones called?

Radiologic Technologist :)

What percentage of people have broken bones?

depending on gender: boy = a lot Girl:none to a few Most children never suffer broken bones, but it does happen. between zero and all of them depending on the level of damage sustained in those two years.

How do you spell paleontologist?

studies ecology and interactions of ancient animals with their enviornment

How many bones have Rodney mullen broken?

he has not broken any bones to this day .

What medical discoveries did the ancient Egyptians make?

They found properties that could be used for medicine in herbs and they knew how to heal broken bones.

Did Neil Armstrong have any broken bones as a child?

No.He Did not have any broken bones.

Do all broken bones hurt and swell?

No. You may not be aware of some broken bones

How many people have broken bones while walking in Disney World?

While there have been a few incidents where injuries have occurred at Disney World, the specifics of the injuries, as in broken bones, have not been recorded.