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He watched her through his reflective shield.

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he ran

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Q: How did perseus escape from the gorgons?
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In what ways does Perseus's ultimate escape from the Gorgons resolve the story's conflict?

Perseus's ultimate escape from the Gorgons resolves the story's conflict by successfully obtaining the head of Medusa to fulfill his mission, which was to secure the Gorgon's head as a gift to Polydectes. By using his cunning and the gifts from the gods, including a reflective shield from Athena and winged sandals from Hermes, Perseus outsmarts the Gorgons and avoids their deadly gaze, thereby overcoming the seemingly insurmountable challenge they presented.

What were the main characters in this story Perseus and gorgons?

Acrisius, Danaë, Perseus, Polydectes, gorgons (Medusa, Stheno, Euryale), Andromeda.

Which Greek mythology tale talks about Gorgons?

The tale of Perseus and Medusa.

How are the Gorgons monsters related to the hero perseus?

Perseus kills one of them (Medusa). The other two persue Perseus but fail to find him as he is wearing the Helm of Darkness.

Where does medusa spend most of her time in the myths?

With her sisters, the Gorgons. Medusa and the Gorgons were also related to the Fates but the Gorgons were half reptile and half human. She also had her head cut off by Perseus, so the only place she was really spending time after that was dead on the floor with Perseus carrying around her head like some sort of trophy.

Differences for greek myth Jason and the golden fleece and the gorgons head?

Jason did kill Medusa that was Perseus

What happened when perseus killed Medusa?

Medusa died: her children by Poseidon, Pegasus and Chrysaor escaped by her blood, her sister Gorgons woke and went after Perseus who ran from them who were immortal.

How does Perseus find Gorgons?

Percy doesn't find the Gordon's, they find him. Because of his so called " Half- Blood smell" Percy attracts all kinds of monsters from Tartuaras including the Gorgons

How the evil gorgons head was beneficial to perseus?

The gorgon's head turned others who would fight against him to stone.

Who was Medusa the goron?

Medusa was one of the three Gorgons. ( Three women with snake hair and eyes that can turn you to stone.) She was slayed by the hero Perseus.

Did the gorgons have children?

that's easy no. i have studied the three gorgons sisters for some time.

What did frank retrieve from the river after the two gorgons died?

In Greek mythology, after the two Gorgons, Stheno and Euryale, were killed by Perseus, Frank retrieved their heads from the river to use as weapons. These heads had the power to turn enemies into stone if they gazed upon them.