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By using accumulated mud, animal blood, and other types of painting materials.

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Usually they got sticks and then frayed the edges.

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Q: How did the cavemen make pictures?
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What was art of early man?

cavemen made pictures on the walls of caves

What are cavemen pictures called?

Cave drawings. Pictographs, is the more common names

Did mermaids egsist when cave men did?

Yes, why do you think cavemen drew pictures of them and cavemen only drew what they saw. I don't think they were smart enough to think of their own little creatures.

How did cavemen make pizza?

he did not know how to make pizza itself

How do cavemen make fires?

in the stone age.

How did cavemen make red paint?

with blood

How did cavemen make spears?

how did mohawk people make hunting tools

How did cavemen make their homes?

caves maybe???

What kind of weapons do cavemen make?

Cavemen made stone weapons such as crude spears which were probably a sharpened stone tied on a long stick.

How did the cavemen make paint brushes?

mineral pigments

How do you know that there were cavemen?

You know that there were cavemen and women because of archaeological finds within caves. Cave drawings often included pictures of the people who lived in the caves and gave modern people an idea of the tools and animals that were used by the cave dwellers.

How do cavemen live their lives?

Cavemen lived by exploring new things like learning how to make fire so they could eat cooked food. Cavemen found different survival tips and that's how they lived there lives.