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There is a cheat code for the shiny pokemon. First, you must have the master code on (0006FA70000A, 1006AF880007). You also must have the enabler code on (0006FA70000A, 1006AF880007) Finally, the actual shiny code is 83007CE40021, 83007CE60300, 53000020000F, 044800684589, 808900042843, 1860C0460148, 0047905D0003, 177C06080000.

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Q: How do you get a shiny Sceptile?
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What does a shiny Sceptile look like?

Please see link i posted below

How do you get sceptile?

The only way to get Sceptile is by evolving Treecko to Grovyle, then to Sceptile, or evolving Grovyle to Sceptile. This is when they evolve: Treecko to Grovyle - level 16 Grovyle to Sceptile - level 36

If you give a shiny Sceptile I will give you a shiny ho-oh lugia darkrai Rayquaza salamance Garchomp or the Pokemon you want my friend code is 0774 9398 4595 and you can find me all the days at 4pm?

I have a shiny grovyle if want, I'll trade you it for lugia. My FC is 2148 - 9252 - 3260

What does Sceptile evolve into?

Sceptile does not evolve.

Which is better Torterra or Sceptile?

tortera you loser sceptile's better sceptile is way better

If someone gives me a shiny Sceptile lvl 100 no hack I will give you a shiny gyaradous lvl 100 my friend code is 0774 9398 4595 and you can find me everyday at 4pm?

Are you the same person? If you are, you're the same suck. If not you are a different, desperate suck.

Who is stronger tortera or sceptile in Pokemon?


Does sceptile evolve?

No, Sceptile is the final stage of evolution.

What type of Pokemon is Sceptile?

Sceptile is the Grass type starter of the Hoenn region.

Can sceptile learn blizzard sapphire?

No, Sceptile cannot learn Blizzard.

Could sceptile beat typlosion?

NO because sceptile weakness is fire

How do you evolve sceptile?

Sceptile is the last evolution level for treeko, it can't be evolved.