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Probably leaf storm because it's power 140 but sceptile learns it at lvl 67. Leaf blade is also very good and sceptile learns it at lvl 29 and it is power 90 so that's pretty good. x-scissor is a godd move at lvl 16 with a power of 80. Also Earthquake is a very good move at power 100 but you can only teach sceptile it through a TM

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Q: What are the best moves for sceptile?
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What are the best moves Sceptile can learn?

His best moves are leaf storm frenzy plant giga drain leaf blade in my opinion

Do I have a good Pokemon Team Tyranitar Typhlosion Blastoise Sceptile Luxray and Dragonite?

Only if you have the best moves and great power.

What is the best attack on sceptile?

The most powerfull attack Sceptile can learn is: Frenzy Plant!

What is Sceptile's best move?


Is Sceptile better than meganium?

yes it is because it can learn almost any moves!

Is sceptile the best starter Pokemon in emerald?

that is an opinion, but i think blaziken has more power than sceptile.

Who doe you beat the 7th gym leader with Sceptile?

make him learn 2fighting type moves

How do you get through wish cave with Pikachu and Sceptile in red resceueteam?

teach some moves that can attack two Pokemon at a time to pikachu and for sceptile try solarbeam bullet seed leaf blade

What are the best moves for sceptile in Pokemon?

giga drain,leaf blade,solarbeam, and frenzy plantthe only thing about above is that sceptile probably can't learn frenzy plant without hacks but if it can it could only be done in fire red or leaf greenI would say:SolarbeamLeafbladeSlamand i guess giga drain

What moves does Sceptile learn in Pokemon sapphire?

In Pokémon Sapphire, the start moves that Sceptile will know are Leer, Poudn, Absorb and Quick and the moves that it will learn prior to evolution would include Fury Cutter, Pursuit, Screech, Leaf Blade and Agility, it can also learn Slam at Level 43, Detect at Level 51 and False Swipe at Level 59. Sceptile would be capable of learning pre-evolution moves of Absorb at Level 6, Quick Attack at Level 11, Fury Cutter at Level 16, Pursuit at Level 17, Screech at Level 23, Leaf Blade at Level 29 and Agility at Level 35 if you had received Sceptile at a level prior to Level 36.

What is the best Grass type in Pokemon Emerald?

Roselia, Bellossom or Sceptile.

What are the best grass Pokémon's for FireRed?

Venusaur, Exeggutor, Meganium, Sceptile.