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Ancient Greece was known for its art, music, and architecture. They were also known for poetry and writing. All of these things are things that people in western culture emulate.

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Q: How does the western world emulate ancient Greece?
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What ancient civilization did the US adopt its government?

The Rome civilization is American's most influenced government. This is in the Western part of the world.

In what year did Greece become part of the western world?

Greece has always been part of the western world. Greek philosophy is fundamental to western civilization.

Did Greece have the best army of ancient or 2010 Greece?

Greece is currently in the top 3 ranking (military) in the world. Greece was the strongest military in ancient Greece too.

What country was the first to start exploring the rest of the world?

Ancient Greece (or Hellas, Greece's ancient name).

Who gave the world its first democracy?

Ancient Greece was pretty democratic.

3 contributions from ancient Greece to the world?

*Ancient greece gave us a democracy * Ancient greece gave use the hippocratic vote *They gave us the Olympic games

Is Persia the same size as ancient Greece?

The Persian Empire stretched from Libya to Central Asia. The Greek world stretched from Western Europe to Asia Minor.

Why do people call Greece a western world?

It is called part of the Western World because it is located in Europe.

Why do some Greece the birthplace of the western world?

The Greeks developed math, science, philosophy, schools and it is the foundation of the western world. It gave us art, music, and government. They knew that the world was round and had figured out many other things. The Ancient Greeks are like the foundation of a house because without them there would no western world.

What are the Greece clothes called?

People in modern day Greece wear western-style clothing (t-shirts and jeans, business suits etc.) just as the rest of the modern world does. If you are referring to Ancient Greece, people in those times wore chitons.

What is Ancient Greek?

An Ancient Greek is a native or inhabitant of Ancient Greece, the Greek-speaking world of ancient times.

What is the most influential national literature in the western world?

The most influential national literature in the western world is often considered to be the literature of Ancient Greece. Greek literature, with works such as the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the tragedies of playwrights like Sophocles, has had a profound impact on Western literature, philosophy, and culture as a whole.