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620 miles Akkadian empire Extended..

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Q: How many miles did the akkadian empire extend?
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How many miles across the akkadian empire extended?

how mant miles across the akkadian empire extended

How many miles across did the Akkadian empire extended?

620 miles

How many miles did Alexander empire extend from east to west?


What kind of lifestyle did an akkad's?

Most people in the Akkadian Empire were farmers, and they brewed beer. Many of the people in the empire were bilingual in Sumerian and Akkadian; the latter is a Semitic language.

How many miles across the Akkadian empie extended?

620 miles

How many miles does Germany extend east to west?

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What is the akkadians religion?

The Akkadian religion was an ancient religion in Mesopotamia, during the reign of the Akkadian Empire. The sun god, Shamash. emerged as its most important god.

How did the new Babylonian empire build on the achievement of earlier empire?

The Babylonian Empire was formed out of the older Sumerian and Akkadian states in southern Mesopotamia (modern Iraq); Akkadian, a Semitic language, was used in Babylon for many centuries. Babylon adopted the cuneiform writing system from the Sumerians and built on Sumerian mathematical knowledge.

How many empires ruled Mesopotamia between 2300 and 539 BCE?

In this period there were the Akkadian Empire, the Old Assyrian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Middle Assyrian Empire, the Neo-Hittite Empire, the Neo-Assyrian Empire, and the Neo-Babylonian Empire.

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How many square miles was the assyrian empire?

The assyian empire was 540,543 square miles