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6 frankts a week

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Q: How much money did the workers building the Canadian pacific railway get paid in 1881?
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Who made the pacific rail way?

Chinese and European immigrant workers built the Canadian Pacific Railway.

How many workers did it take to build the Canadian pacific railway?

About 12 000 men.

How many workers died on the job of working on the Canadian Pacific Railway and how did they die?

72 workers died. 51 injured

Who helped the Canadians build the railroad?

Most of the labour used to build the Canadian Pacific Railway were immigrants because they would work for less pay. On the eastern side the largest ethnic group would have been Irish. On the western side it was the Chinese.

Why was the caribou road built?

Cariboo road was built for workers to have easy access to the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway). It was very dangerous for workers to ride along in oxen-powered carts. Many lives were lost in the raging Fraser River. A lot of the white workers were racist to the Chinese workers (Navvies) and were always more worried about the oxen being lost, not the Navvies.

What were the workers of Canadian pacific railway?

Japanese wrong and theres a thing called Google but anyways it was the CHINESE who were the workers also white men and just a bit more info the Chinese got payed a $1 a day as where the white men got payed a $1.50 - $4.50 a day and it is estimated about 600-700 workers died in the construction of the CPR

Who is the patron saint of railway workers?

There are no patron saints of railway workers shown in the Patron Saint Index.

When was Norwegian Union of Railway Workers created?

Norwegian Union of Railway Workers was created on 1892-11-20.

Manchester united was formed by what type of workers?

railway workers

The union pacific relied on what workers?

The Union Pacific relied on Irish and African American workers. The Central Pacific hired Chinese workers. The immigrant workers were low-paid and did difficult work.

When was Canadian Union of Postal Workers created?

Canadian Union of Postal Workers was created in 1965.

When was Canadian Union of Skilled Workers created?

Canadian Union of Skilled Workers was created in 1999.