Is vesta a moon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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NO it is not a moon it is an astroid

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Q: Is vesta a moon
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Where can you get vegetables on Harvest Moon cute?

Vesta's shoppe. or Karen's shop on the phone.

Where is vesta's house in harvest moon ds cute?

Vesta, Marlin, and Celia all live in the same house. They live in the right side of the bridge right above the huge farm that Vesta grows her crops in (Vesta is a girl). There are two houses there. The right one is her house.

How do you get mushrooms spores from Vesta in harvest moon ds?

Vesta's Farmers Shop4pm - 7pm, Tuesday through SundayYou can buy Mushroom Spores from Vesta's Farmers Store for 3000 Gold Per Mushroom Spores packet.

Where do you get apples on harvest moon?

You need to plant a tree that takes up 4 squares from Vesta in the afternoon. Vesta's the fat looking lady with millions of crops.

Were is galen ninas house on Harvest Moon DS?

Their house is south of Vesta's farm.

When does Vesta's shop open on Harvest Moon DS?

Vesta's Shop opens at 4:00 pm, and closes 7:00 pm. It isn't open on Mondays and Holidays.

How do you buy apple seeds on havest moon ds?

You get them from Vesta's shop. It is open 4pm - 7pm Tuesday through Sunday. The store is set up in the building next to Vesta's house.

Where is Vesta's shop and Karens shop In Harvest Moon D.S.?

Vesta Shop is located to the left of her house. Karen's Shop is Via telephone, But it isn't called "Karen's Shop" it's called 'supermarket'

Where does galen and Nina live in harvest moon ds?

Well, they live below Vesta's farm. At Vesta's farm go right, then down where you shall come to a small house in the middle of this section of the map. Hope this helps.:)

Do you get the raccoon on harvest moon special edition?

yes you do and if u want it you have to befriend vesta and her brother his mane is marlin or watevr

Who is Vesta Kelly?

who is vesta kelly?

What was Vesta's Roman name?

Vesta was the Roman name. Hestia was Vesta's Greek equivalent.