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Niobe, turned to stone by Apollo and Artemis. Atlas ind Phineus by Perseus brandishing Medusa's head.

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Q: People turned into stone Greek mythology?
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Who is mediza?

Medusa is part of Greek mythology. Her gaze turned people to stone. Her her was writihing snakes.

Who is a snaky haired monster who turned medusa to stone in greek mythology?


What greek God turns people to stone?

The greek monster medusa turned people to stone.

Who are the stone people in Greek mythology?

In Ancient Greek Mythology, one of the goddesses named Athena, cursed another lower goddess named Medusa forever with an unbinding curse. Athena was jealous due to the fact that a lower goddess recived much attention, so anyone who then on looked at medusa's eyes turned to stone. creating "the stone people"

Who could turn man to stone in mythology?

well in Greek mythology Medusa could turn people to stone by looking at them.

Why did people avoid Medusa and who was she in Greek mythology?

Medusa was a beautiful woman who got on the nerves of one of the goddesses. the goddess turned her ugly so that anyone who looked at her would instantly turn to stone

Which stone is sacred to Hecate?

There isn't one in Greek Mythology.

What is Medusa the Greek goddess of?

Medusa was not a Greek goddess. She did appear in their mythology, however, as the terrifying snake-haired Gorgon whose gaze turned you to stone. Her head's powers were eventually used as a weapon by the hero Perseus.

What is a Gordon in greek mythology?

I think perhaps you are thinking of a Gorgon, such as Medusa who had snakes instead of hair and who's appearance was so horrific that a person who looked at her would be turned to stone.

Who had a stone gaze in greek mythology?

Medusa (the lady with the snakes for hair)

What kind of monster were gorgons in greek mythology?

they were monsters with snakes as hair and when they looked at others they turned them to stone. the three gorgon sisters were Stheno ,Euryale , and the most known of them all is Medusa.

Medusa in Greek mythology?

Medusa was one of three beautiful sisters in Greek mythology. However, she was caught making out with Poseidon in the temple of Athena and was transformed into a gorgon in punishment. As a gorgon, she had scaly skin and snakes for hair. she was so ugly, that anyone who directly looked at her was turned into stone. Her sisters were Stheno and Euryale.