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Ancient Greece and Rome are known by several terms. They are called the Greco-Roman civilization, Classical civilization, Classical Antiquity, and probably other titles. Their literature is known as the Classics. The studying of them is known as Classical History.

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it is classical Europe

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Q: The Europe of ancient Greece and Rome is called?
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What culture of ancient Greece and Rome is called what?

classical (apex)

The culture of ancient Greece and Rome is called?

classical (apex)

What ancient civilizations shaped modern Europe?

Greece and Rome

What two ancient civilizations is Mediterranean Europe home to?

Rome and Greece.

Where were Europe's best educated communities?

In the ancient times : Greece and Rome.

What two ancient cultures were most admired during the renaissance?

Greece and Rome

What were the two great ancient civilizations in Mediterranean Europe?

Rome and Greece

The rebirth of interest in Ancient Greece and Rome was called the what?

The Renaissance.

Who has the earliest history ancient Greece or ancient rome?

Ancient Greece came before ancient rome.

Did ancient Rome and ancient Greece both have a golden age?

Rome and Greece

What was larger ancient Greece or Rome?

Ancient Rome was definitely larger than ancient Greece.

What language did ancient Rome and Greece speak?

Ancient Rome spoke Latin, which, as their Empire spread throughout Europe, passed through out Europe as well. The Ancient Greeks spoke a variety of different languages. Ancient Greece people speak Greek and who ever didn't know that now knows.