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Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades cast lots to see who would get what of the world. Zeus won and became king of the gods and god of the sky. Poseidon became the god of the sea and Hades lost and became the god of the underworld

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Q: The casting of lots in Greek mythology?
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Are there lots of prophecies in greek mythology?

Yes; some - though not all - are from Delphi.

Do you capitalize Greek mythology?

Capitalize only the G i n Greek but not the mythology. It should be Greek mythology.

Who is Eric in greek mythology?

There is no Eric in Greek mythology.

Who is boltar from Greek mythology?

Boltar is not from Greek mythology.

Who is isis in greek mythology?

Isis is not in greek mythology just mythology she is a egyption goddess

What is the counterpart of Neptune in Greek mythology?

In Greek mythology it is Poseidon and in roman mythology it is Neptune

What in Greek mythology is rome?

Greek mythology is about the ancient Greek gods. Rome was not an ancient Greek god.

What is the book Mythology about?

Mythology is about Greek mythology.

Which is older Greek mythology or the Bible?

Greek Mythology is older.

What does still mean in Greek mythology?

there is no such thing in greek mythology.

Is there more than 11 greek gods and goddesses?

There are twelve main gods and goddesses(the Olympians), but there are lots of other minor gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.

What was the lesson greek mythology?

There was no lesson; what we call Greek mythology was the Ancient Greek's religion.