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the land of Kush; Nubia to the Greeks and Romans; Sudan to us today

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Q: The country south of Egypt from which Egyptians brought gold ivory and slaves?
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What is the country south of Egypt from which egyptians brought gold ivory and slaves?

nubia and some others hope this helps :D

What country is prophet musa from?

Moses was a Jew, but born in Egypt, as his parents were slaves to the Egyptians.

How did Egyptians get their Arabic language?

Arabic was brought to Egypt by the Muslims who conquered the country in the 7th century A.D.

Did giants of Egypt build the pyramids in ancient day?

There were no giants in ancient Egypt, unless they were brought in as novelity slaves. The pyramids were constructed by ordinary Egyptians, using the ordinary tools of their day.

What did the Egyptians call their country?

People in Egypt call Egypt Masr

Did egyptians become slaves to America because they had Hebrew slaves in the past?

No. The pre-Civil War USA enslaved Black people from every country in the world, not just Egypt.

How did ancient Egypt find there slaves?

The Ancient Egyptians conquered other countries nearby, and made slaves of war prisoners

When did Egypt start to get slaves?

There were few slaves in Egypt before the expansionist policies of the New Kingdom pharaohs brought thousands of prisoners of war into the kingdom.

Did Jewish people build the Egyptians pyramids?

no, when the Jews were slaves in Egypt they built storage cities

Why do most eygptions live in Egypt?

First it is Egyptians with "a" not "o" Egyptians live in Egypt because most people live in their own country. Egypt is the best place in the world. Because they would not be Egyptians if they did not live there...doh

What country were the Hebrews held as slaves?

ancient Egypt

Did men in ancient Egypt built the pyramids?

Yes but it wasn't the ancient Egyptians, it was the Jewish slaves they had as labour