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Q: They used what ancient Greek device to find latitude?
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Where can you find ancient Greek recipes?

In Greece and Greek cookbooks.

Did Ancient Greek Invented Planes?

Yes, Ancient Greek did Invented Plane's you could find it in your Social Studies Book

Why are greek historian's important?

Because they find well imformation that is very ancient

Where can I find pictures of ancient Greek clothing?

Ancient Greek clothing was generally flowing and plain. Pictures can be found in history text books, or by doing a quick search online.

What is the quadrent?

The quadrant is something that measures latitude, it was used mostly in the ancient times by sailors to find out where the north star was :-)

How gps works?

Global positional systems (GPS) work by triangulating your position based upon finding your longitude and latitude. A device will find longitude and latitude and the GPS will read that and translate it into maps.

What is the ancient Greek word for fire?

Its πύρ (pir). You can find it as a prefix as pyr- or pyro- .

Where to find Oedipus in the Bible?

Oedipus is not in the Bible but in the drama of the ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles.

Why isn't there a category for mythology in this application WikiAnswers?

You will find the WikiAnswers category 'Myths and Folklore' at the link below. Another place for mythology questions would be Ancient Religions, since Greek and Roman "mythology" was actually part of the religious beliefs of ancient Greeks and Romans. You can find Greek Mythology at 'History Politics and Society/Ancient History/Greek Mythology'.

What English words are from the Greek language?

There are many English words derived from the Ancient Greek language.These are a few:autobiograhy - book written about ones own life- comes from three greek words. 'Autos' is Ancient Greek for 'same', or '-self'. 'Bion' is Ancient Greek for 'life'. 'Graphein' is Ancient Greek for 'to write'.Ballistics - the study of projectiles, or things such as bullets shot from a weapon- comes from the Ancient Greek word 'Ballein' which means 'to throw (as with a weapon)' or 'to shoot'.Poet - one who writes poetry - comes from the Ancient Greek word 'poiein' which means 'to make, to create'.Angel - spiritual being who sometimes communicates to man, as in the first chapter of the gospel according to St. Luke - comes from the Ancient Greek word 'angelos' which means 'messanger'.Monotheism - belief in one god - comes from the Ancient Greek word 'monos' which means 'alone, only' and the Ancient Greek word 'theos' which means 'god'.By looking through an English dictionary or an Ancient Greek text book, you can find many more English words which come from the Ancient Greek language.

Historic vacation spots in Greece?

i need to find vacation spots in ancient greek times

How can you find latitude on the map?

well you find latitude on a map by looking at East and West sides of the map and there you will find the latitude