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Q: What age are athenian boys considered to transition to world of men?
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How was education of spartan boys different from the education of athenian boys?

Spartan boys were taught to fight, kick, spit, bite, scratch and get into fights with other boys. Athenian boys were learnt to be polite and to be civilised.

Did Athenian boys become citizens at 18?

Usually 18.

How were athenian boys educated?

The Athenian boys were educated at home by their mothers until they attained the age of 6 years. Once the got to six years, they were sent to neighboring schools for their formal education.

The sexual development among boys and girls during transition stage?

sexual development among boys and girls during the transition stage

How did athenian boys record their work?

They had to memorize their work and write on tablets.

What is Athenian girls age when educated?

ThEy WeReNt EdUcAtEd and if they wErE then, it would be the same as boys

What sports did athenian boys do?

The Athenians boys did these sports according to my textbook, running,wrestling,jumping, boxing, and occasionly throwing the javaleanche.

How were the lives of ancient Greeks spent?

spartian boys spent their days at millitary camp and athenian boys went to a real school

What way did a boy's life in Athens differ from a boy's life in Sparta?

athenian boys went to school ;spartan boys served in the military

How were Athenian and Spartan boys alike?

Spartan boys: If born with defect they were killed immediately, If they lived to seven they were how to fight and how to steal once they had reached age 30 the men were taught how to kill slaves (usually slaves) Athenian Boys: They were not killed when born but once they reached the age of seven they were taught fine arts

How where boys of wealthy Athenian families educated?

The rich got richer and the poor got poorer

What did athenian boys study?

They couldn't study because they would have to go train for the army to fight for athens =)