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an artist

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Q: What are Skills you have if you work well with your hands?
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What does craft and sewing teach you?

Generally, these skills with teach you how to work with your hands. As well, to read patterns, construct items from cloth and tailor clothing to fit.

What is meant by vocational skills?

The ability to work with your mind and your hands and earn a living.

Texas Barber College?

Get the classic skills, newest techniques and hands-on experience you will need to be a professional barber, as well as the business skills.

What are man working hands?

well that is very easy, it is when you work so hard that your hands become strong, why?

What does manipuled and non-manipulated skills mean?

=manipulate means to work with the hands or by mechanical means and especially with skill=

Would it make sense to say you were 'manual' if you work well with your hands?

It might make sense to say that you were manual if you work well with your hands, but this is not generally the way the word manual is used. Manual is a term that is often used to describe an item that works when pressure from hands is applied to the item.

What is physician assistant training and where can you find good training?

Many community colleges have courses for becoming a Physicians Assistant. They offer classroom work, as well as hands-on, practical teaching of the skills required to become a successful Physicians Assistant.

Can you fix a car with your barehands?

yes , well if a macanick can do it then were sure that we can fix a car with are bear hands we just have to have the skills to do it that's all! :)

What is the best camcorder for people with big hands and fingers?

For people with big hands consider getting a semi-pro Canon camcorder. They have a stronger feel and work well with bigger hands.

What kind of skills are required to get into manufacturing work?

One must have good hands on practical skills for a career in manufacturing and have a creative mind. Being able to navigate technical drawings and database's is also important. IT and management skills are also required.

What are two different names of skills set that contain very similar skills related to an employee's to work well with people?

self-management skills and personal qualities

What are computer software skills?

They are the ability for one to work well with computer software and be good at it.