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Mesopotamia was formerly known as Jezirah and Baghdad which were the respective names for the upper and lower Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is the present day Iraq.

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Q: What are other names for Mesopotamia?
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What are the other names given to Indus valley civilization?


What are the names of the present countries of Mesopotamia?

Iraq is one of them.

What did Mesopotamia conquer?

it wasn't Mesopotamia that conquered anything, but rather other people conquered Mesopotamia.

What are the names of cities with biblical names in the US?

jerico, philadelphia, babylon, manasses,

What are the former names of Iraq and Iran?

Former name of Iran: PersiaFormer name of Iraq: Mesopotamia

What are Mesopotamia trading partners?

Some of Mesopotamia's trading partners were Egypt, India, and other city states in Mesopotamia

Which are the names of the civilization which made mesopotamia their home a long time ago?


What is the nick name for Mesopotamia except for the Fertile Crescent?

Other than the fertile crecent, there is no other name for Mesopotamia.

What are the names of the two rivers that border Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia's two rivers are called the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers. Mesopotamia was located right in the middle of them that is why Mesopotamia was known as "The land between two rivers."

How did Abraham's religion ediffer from the religions of other peoples in Mesopotamia?

Monotheism is the biggest difference of Abraham's religion and the religions of other people in Mesopotamia.

What are names of the civilizations which made Mesopotamia their home a long time ago was?


What are the three names that ancient Mesopotamia is known as?

The Fertial Cresent and The land between two rivers