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Some jobs you could have in ancient Egypt were:

  • fishermen
  • soldiers (men only)
  • blacksmiths (Men only)
  • priests
  • vassals
  • farmers
  • scribes (men only)
  • farmers
  • craftspeople
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Q: What are some ancient Egyptian jobs?
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What were the ancient Egyptian jobs for men?

Building Prymids

What were the ancient Egyptian jobs?

there were many ancient Egyptian jobs including farmers,priests,craftspeople,blacksmiths,jewelers, animal breeders,scribes,pharaohs, bakers,artists

What jobs did ancient Egyptians?

That would depend on the type of Egyptian you were talking about. Some were probably fishermen, others may've had jobs such as oasis builders.

What are some Ancient Egyptian patterns?

go to Ancient Egyptian Design

What type of jobs did ancient Egyptian scribes have?

ancient Egyptian scribes had to write in hieroglyphics on papyrus, as a way of communication. most scribes worked for pharaoh's.

What are the jobs of Egyptian crafts people?

Some jobs of Ancient Egyptian craftspeople; -Coblers, shoe makers -Weavers, make linen and other materials -Jewelers, make jewelry -Sculptors, make sculptors of gods and pharaohs

What were some Ancient Egyptian movements?

there were no anient Egyptian movements

What jobs were there in ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egyptian JobsThe Pyramid of PowerJobs relating to the Government of EgyptAncient Egyptian ScribesAncient Egyptian Priests / Priestesses and AstrologersAncient Egyptian Engineers and ArchitectsAncient Egyptian Builders and ArtistsAncient Egyptian SoldiersAncient Egyptian Manual Laborers, Fishermen and FarmersAncient Egyptian Camel Breeders

What was the jobs of a mourners do in ancient Egyptian?

To cry for strangers. Lol if you use tis your screwed.

What did ancient Egyptian farmers do during the flood season?

They worked at construction jobs for the Pharaoh.

What were some ancient Egyptian laws?

Some ancient Egyptian laws are the same as today. These are rape, theft, and assault. The punishments were different.

Why did ancient Egyptian scribes have such a wide variety of jobs?

Scribes kept all kinds of records and so they have variety of jobs.

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