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There were many different forms of art in ancient Egypt. These included paintings, statues, busts, architecture, pottery, and carvings. Some of ancient Egypt's art is still visible today as paintings on the walls of the tombs, obelisks, statues, and even the pyramids themselves.

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Ancient Egyptian art can be seen on the walls of the pyramids and temples. For entertainment, musicians sang and played instruments. Storytelling was also a popular pass time.

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Senet board game





lots of out door activies

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Q: What are the different types of ancient Egyptian art?
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Why was Egyptian art important to the ancient Egyptian's?

It was religió

Where can one find Ancient Egyptian art?

One can find examples of Ancient Egyptian art at museums around the world, though the most extensive collections are found in the country of Egypt. Photos of Ancient Egyptian art are also abundant in books and online.

What did ancient Egyptian art mean to the Egyptians?

To ancient Egyptians, art was important. They saw that it reflected the endurance and solid formation of ancient Egyptian culture. They believed that works of art were essential in the smooth functioning of that society and the world. Not only did they have religious art, but they had daily art too! Let's just say that the Egyptian art was the backbone of society.

What was the ancient Egyptian art made out of?

hey how are uUsually papyrus

What visual element was NOT applied in ancient Egyptian art?

naturalistic shapes

What is the ancient Egyptian civilization is know for?

Elaborate tombs apex art

What was greco-roman art influenced all?

Ancient Egyptian tomb builders

What green symbolize in ancient Egyptian art?

Green symbolizes fertility and life.

Who is the Egyptian god of art?

The ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor was goddess of the sky, the sun, the queen, music, dance and the arts.

Who would have made the ancient Egyptian art?

People from Greece. . . . no, just kidding. The Ancient Egyptians, smart one.

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