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The main colors of Greece are blue and white.

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Q: What are the main colors of Greece?
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Greece color of flag is what?

blue and white top left has a cross on it but the main and only colors are blue and white

What are the Greece colors?

red yellow

What is the main holiday in Greece?

New year's is the main holiday in greece .

What are the team colors for Greece soccer team?

the team colors a blue and white (there flag colors)

What are the main citys of Greece?

Athens , Sparta and Thebes. these are the main cities of Greece .

What are the colors of the Greece flag?

Blue && white

What are the colors found on the Greece flag?


Why is Greece's flag blue and white?

It is widely said that blue resembles the colour of the Aegean Sea and white resembles the whitecap of the wind waves. It represents the main colors in Greece like the sea is blue and they have white clothes.

What are the main colors of Egypt?

the main colors are silver and gold.

What is Greece's main mode of transportation?

The main mode of transportation in Greece is the Ferry Transport.

What are the main colors of ANZAC day?

what are the main colors of anzc day

What are the main tourist attractions in Greece?

Athens Greece