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Q: What is the main geographic feature of the interior mainland of greece?
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What geographic feature made it hard to travel and trade in Greece?

The mountains.

How many mainland regions in Greece?

There are 9 mainland regions in greece

Is mainland Greece Greece?

!! yes

Which sea borders mainland Greece?

the mediterranean sea borders mainland greece ;D

What was the mainland of Greece?

Mainland Greece does not have one singular name, but is denominated by regions. Moving south to north, the regions of mainland Greece include: the Peloponnesus, Attica, Boetia, Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia, and Thrace.

Who is the Minister of Interior for Greece?

Argyris Dinopoulos is the Minister of Interior for Greece.

What geographic feature of Greece Makes it likely for an attack?

It's right on the ocean and the ancient ruins and hills block the sight of a sea based attack

What geographic term describes Greece?

Every country is able to be described in geographic terms. Greece is a country that can be described with the geographic term mountainous.

Is the Parthenon on an island?

No, it is on the mainland of Greece.

Who settle mainland Greece?

Your dog

What is the name of the mainland of Greece?


Where did the Mycenaean's come from before they settled in Greece?

India The Mainland!!!