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Then Upper Class and preist and nobles

Middle Class

Lower Class.*



The pharaoh - The pharaoh was believed to be a living god and he/she controlled over all of Egypt. The people of egypt relied on him to; Keep order, defend from invading countries, make sure there are sufficient offerings for the gods so that there would be the annual flooding of the Nile.

The Nobles - The nobles would rule over their own region of egypt (nomes). They were responsible for making local laws and keeping order in their region.

Merchants, Craftsmen and Scribes - Scribes were the people of egypt who could read and write, becoming a scribe was extremely hard and only a few passed in scribe school. Pottery makers, leather workers, sculptors, painters, weavers, jewellery makers, shoe makers, tailors and farmers were the main workers in Egypt (in the middle class). Craftsmen usually worked together in workshops.

Peasants - Peasants were the lower class of egypt, they were either slaves or just worked at home, slaves were usually farmers or entertainers.

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#1. The Pharaoh.

#2. Viziers, senior officials, priests and nobles.

#3. Scribes.

#4. Skilled artisans and craftspeople.

#4. Peasants workers and farmers.

#5. Servants and slaves.

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the four social groups were the upper class who were the priest nobles and other wealthy egyptians. the second was middle class who ran businesses. the 3rd was the unskilled workers and the fourth one was............... sorry i dont know that one

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Q: What are the social levels of Ancient Egypt?
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What was the levels of social status in ancient Egypt?

soil, grass, sand, and animals

What is the hierarchy in ancient Egypt?

A hierarchy is the social system in ancient Egypt

What is a social pyramid?

The population of ancient Egypt was divided into groups of people with different jobs and responsibilities to society. These social classes were structured as a pyramid with six levels.

The largest social class in Egypt of ancient Rome was made up of?

the largest social class in Egypt or ancient rome was made up of what

Who was at the top of the social status in ancient Egypt?

The Pharaoh had the highest level in the class ranking

How many social classes in ancient Egypt?


What was the social and political organization in ancient Egypt?


Who is at the top of the Egypt's Social Structure?

Ancient Egypt had the Pharaoh and his relatives sitting at the top of the social structure.Modern Egypt has the Egyptian President and the fellow military commanders.

Was ancient egypt considered a class society?

YES. Ancient Egypt had an established social pyramid and people could not rise or fall in their station.

How were religion and class structure in ancient Egypt connected?

On two levels, at the top of the social hierarchy: on the highest level, the Pharaoh was himself considered a god. Priest were, together with the nobles, considered to be the second highest social level.

How did work and social role people in ancient Egypt?

The work in ancient Egypt affected the Egyptians because if they worked in the mines lets say then they would die and social roles made people in ancient Egypt have different rights and if your blood was royalty then you might even become a pharaoh

Which social group did most of the manual labor in ancient Egypt?

The lowest class that included the slaves and farmers did the most manual labor in ancient Egypt.