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exodus 2

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Q: What book in the Bible is Prince of Egypt based on?
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Which book of the Bible tells the story of the Israelite's departure from Egypt?

This is the Book of Exodus.

What book of the bible was Israel and Egypt called?

Quara i think

Which book of the bible tells about the departure of the israelites from Egypt?


How many plauge was their in the bible?

10 in Egypt from the Book of Exodus 21 in the Book of Revelation

What book in the bible can you read about God freeing the slaves in Egypt?

The book of Exodus. It's the second book in the Old Testament, the first part of the Bible.

What book of the Bible tells the distance between Egypt and the Promised Land?

This is nowhere listed in the Bible.

What is the name of the mass movement of Israelites out of Egypt and a name of a book in the bible?

Exodus is the name of the migration and the book.

What was the book the movie The Town based on?

Prince of thieves

Which departure does the book of Exodus in the Hebrew Bible refer to?

It refers to the departure of the Jewish slaves from Egypt

What is The exodus Bible?

There is no Exodus Bible - Exodus is the 2nd Book of Moses in the Torah.

Is Prince of Persia a book series. if so what are the books in the series?

No it's not. The Prince of Persia film was based on the game.

Which book of the Bible tells about the archangel Gabriel being detained by the Prince of Persia?

The Book of Daniel chapter 10