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wear sandals indoors

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Q: What did Greeks find to be most offensive to there gods?
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One of the things that the Greeks regarded as most offensive to the gods was to?

Sack and burn cities

What was one of the things that the greeks regarded as most offensive to the gods?

to mistreat guests

What was one of the things that the Greeks regarded as the most offensive to the gods?

Saying that you were better than one of them. Ex: Niobe, Arachne

What faith are most Greeks?

The Greeks worshipped a variety of Gods and had temples to them.

What Ways Did Greeks honor there gods-?

Greeks honoured their gods by conducting religious festivals and sacrifices, rituals and praying in temples.

Did the Greeks worship multiple gods?

Most did, yes.

Who do Greeks think the most important Greek god is?

"Zeus because he is the might god so that is why i think people think Zeus is the most important god?" Zues is the most important god to the Greeks. He is known as "The King of the Gods". Althought there are many other gods who the Greeks worshipped, Zues was the ruler and most powerful of gods.

Why did Greeks believe in gods?

Most humans believe in either one single God or a number of gods.

How did the Greeks honnor their gods?

They prayed in their temples, as most cultures do for those they worship.

What did most Greeks believe about their god?

They had several gods, it would depend on which you are referring to.

How did the Greeks feel about art?

Greeks very much liked art. When it came to doing it, most of it would be painting their gods and goddesses.

How many idols did the Greeks believe in?

The Greeks believed in many different Gods, I don't know an exact number but there are over 40 different Gods of varying levels of importance. However there were twelve Olympians, which are the Gods most people are familiar with.