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His clothing represented the gold and shimmers his peoples would make for him. They would search in scorching hot deserts just to find the prestine gold and rocks for his liking.

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Q: What did Osiris' king of the dead in ancient Egypt clothing and other apparel represent?
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Where was Osiris?

Osiris was worshiped in ancient Egypt.

What did osiris rule?

osiris ruled the underworld

What is a jackle?

the animal that osiris wore on his head in ancient Egypt the animal that osiris wore on his head in ancient Egypt

Where did Osiris and Anubis started?

Both Anubis and Osiris are ancient Egyptian gods.

Who was the ancient god of water?


Who is king osiris?

Osiris was the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife. Husband and sister of Isis.

Is orisis ancient Rome or ancient greek?

Osiris was an Egyptian god.

Who was prince of the dead in Ancient Egypt?


Who was the first pharaoh in ancient Egypt?


When Osiris was god what did he represent?

He represented the underworld, the land of the dead.

What did the ancient Egyptians believe osiris the god would dof or them?

Osiris was lord of the dead; as the pharaoh was regarded as the living Horus; Osiris ruled them after death.

What is the name of Egyptian's god of the underworld and the afterlife?

Anubis was the god of death and underworld, his head was a jackals because at the time, jackals would eat the unhidden mummies and the jackal was a good animal to represent death Osiris is the god of the Underworld. The difference between the two of them is that Anubis "supervised" the dying process and escorted the dead to the Underworld. Actual control of that realm was relegated to Osiris.