What did peasant farmers do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They farm all day and feed the people of Egypt. They build for the Pharaoh.

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They farm all day and feed the people of Egypt. They build for the Pharaoh.

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Q: What did peasant farmers do?
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What did the pharaohs collect from peasant farmers?


How is pest and diseases a problem for peasant farmers?

how is pest and disease a problem to farmers

How do pest and diseases affect peasant farmers?

Peasant farmers are effected by pest and diseases like most other farmers. The real negative to the pest invasions and diseases is that peasant farmers do not have the resources to manage the cost of the pest and disease. Also, the profits are affected, resulting in worse conditions compared to other farmers who experience the same conditions.

Egypts peasant farmers are known as?

fellaheen or fellah

What was the role of a peasant in feudalism in japan?

to do nothing but make food, and do his wife to make more peasant farmers.

How and where did the peasant farmers live?

ANCIENT CHINA Peasant farmers families, lived in simple houses made of mud, wood, and vegetable fibers, located near the fields they cultivated.

Who were above slaves in the Egyptian social pyramid?

the peasant farmers

In ancient Egypt the pharaoh collected from the peasant farmers.?


Most ancient Egyptians were?

most Ancient Egyptians were peasant farmers

What is it called when farmers raise crops or livestock to sell?

Peasant farming

What are the 4 social classes of china?

The four social classes of china were the shi, the Nong, the gong and the Shang. The shi were low-level aristocrats, the Nong were the farmers, the gong were the artisans and craftsman and the Shang were the merchants.

Were peasants and farmers with small farms at the bottam of the social order?

Peasants, yes. Farmers, it depends. If they were peasant farmers then again, yes, but if they were Gentry and/or Yoeman farmers then they were middle class.