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Slaves were usually fed on a diet of bread and onions

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Slaves were usually lived on a diet of bread, onions and beer. For many slaves food was the only thing they received.

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Q: What did slaves in ancient Egypt eat?
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What did the Jews eat in Egypt as slaves?

the slaves built the pyramids and the palaces where the pharos lived.

What is a slave name from ancient Egypt?

Slaves in Ancient Egypt were called hem

Were ancient Egypt slaves white?

most Anciet egypt slaves were greeks and romans.

What are laborers in ancient Egypt?


What was something that ancient Rome and ancient Egypt had in common?

had slaves

What is an ancient Egypt boat powered by?

Slaves rowing.

Did the slaves in ancient Egypt have no rights?

They were allowed to marry.

What country were the Hebrews held as slaves?

ancient Egypt

Who did all the work in Ancient Egypt?

The peasants and the slaves

Did the slaves in Ancient Egypt dig the canals?

Yes they did

Who had the least power in ancient Egypt?

the peasants

Why didn't slaves in Ancient Egypt get paid?

Because they were slaves the property of another person.