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the hot weather effected the way they had to dress (the had to wear wigs and light clothing) the rain effected the river nile's bank as it made better soil grow on the bank, without the rain the egyptions wouldn't be abble to eat.

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Q: What did the weather in ancient Egypt affect?
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What did the weather in ancient Egypt affect the sports?

The North Pole

What was the weather conditions in ancient Egypt?

Nile changed the weather conditions in ancient Egypt.

How do you know how life is like in Ancient Egypt?

there are many indications to that affect ... the most important would be the fact that the people Egypt where a meticulous about recording there history weather it be on paper or stone ...

How did the trade in the middle kingdom affect Egypt?

ancient egypt

How did cataracts affect the transportion of goods in ancient Egypt?

they made it easier

How did vegetation affect peoples choices of where to settle in ancient Egypt?

I need help

How did the way the roman's dressed affect the weather?

The way people dress, whether Roman or not, whether ancient or modern, cannot possibly affect the weather.

What is the weather like in Assyria?

It was very hot just like in ancient Egypt with a tip of humid air

What did ancient egyptians wear on their shaved heads?

because of the hot weather in egypt.

How did ancient israel affect ancient Egypt?

Actually, according to the Bible, the ancient Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews, until they broke out of Egypt and headed back to their "Promised Land" in Canaan. However, there are no Egyptian records or archaeological evidence of them ever being in Egypt. If it affected Egypt at all, it wasn't very much.

How does technology affect architecture in ancient Egypt?

It allowed for greater accuracy in build and developing structures. .

What is a nome in ancient Egypt?

A Nome in ancient Egypt is was a subnational administrative division of ancient Egypt.