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they all have the hook and wipe thing, also the ridiculous beard and hat

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Q: What do most pictures of pharaohs have in common?
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Where there female pharaohs?

Cleopatra and Hashepsut were the most common ones

Were all ancient Egypt rulers men?

no, some pharaohs are woman like Cleopatra.

What were the places where Egyptians put their Pharaohs after they died?

Most dead pharaohs were placed in tombs which were then sealed. There is very little evidence that they were buried in pyramids (which is a common miss-belief).

Where were most pharaohs buried?

in the Valley of the Kings at Luxor in southern Egypt.

What did Caesars Khans and Pharaohs have in common?

They were all absolute monarchs

What pharaohs held the crook and flail?

The most strongest and important pharaohs, of course. (this is a guess :3)

Are Egyptians pharaohs always men?

No. Guess what, they were sometimes women...!

What was the two ways the Egyptians decorated their temples?

One way that the Egyptians decorated their temples was with pictures of pharaohs and Hieroglyphics.

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What did the governments of Babylon Egypt and israel have in common?

They all had Kings and Pharaohs

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