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Relatively anything. Paper and plastic are its main uses.

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Q: What does contact paper stick to?
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Will resin stick to wax paper?

Most resins do not stick to wax paper

Can a cupcake stick to a piece of paper?

They do not stick to their paper cases because they have a special lining on them which stops this. However, a cupcake would stick to normal paper.

What material can you stick with contact adhesive?

Contact adhesive is very versatile and you can stick almost anything with it

Do paper clips stick to magnets?

Magnets will stick to iron paper clips, but not to plastic ones.

When old paper is transformed into new paper what causes th fibers of the tine pieces of paper to stick together?

a thik stick past

How do you use rub on paper?

i had it and my sister did it you put the water on the rub-on sheet and you stick it on the paper you want to rub it on and rub it with the stick

Does paper stick to PVC?


How do you alternative paper?

you stick it in your pants

Can paint stick paper?

not really

How do you remake paper?

you stick it with glue .

How do you print on preprinted paper?

Stick it back in the place where you put unprinted paper.

What is decopatch?

decopatch- a brown paper mashe sculpure you cover with paper and stick the paper on decopatch glue