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it means they were born in Egypt

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Q: What does the symbol of a stag beetle mean in ancient Egyptian?
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What does it mean to have a eye of horus tattoed?

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.

What is the name of the ancient Egyptian symbol?

Ancient Egyptians had many symbols. Did you mean their system of writing? That's called hieroglyphics. Did you mean the cross with a loop in the top? That's called an ankh.

What does beetle mean?

that the worshipper really likes it and if it's that sacred they will sacrifice the beetle for medicine or they migh eat it!

What does the Egyptian word pesach mean?

Pesach is a Hebrew word, not ancient Egyptian. It means "Passover".

What does the name ississ mean?

An Ancient Egyptian Goddess name.

What does ancient Egyptian times mean?

the oldern ciivvilization of eygpt

What does akhet mean in Egypt?

Akhet is an ancient Egyptian season.

What does an Egyptian cross tattoo on the hand mean?

The Ankh, the Egyptian cross with a looped top, is a symbol of life. This does not mean that is how the person with the tattoo interprets it. When in doubt, ask.

Was the Egyptian economy successful?

If you mean ancient Egypt: by and large, it was. If you mean modern Egypt: by and large, it is not.

In Egyptian mythology what does the Eye of Ra mean?

The Eye of Ra represents a symbol of protection, royal power, and good health in Egyptian mythology. In this culture it is believed that this symbol still has great meaning.

Who built the pyramaid?

If you mean the Egyptian pyramids, then the ancient Egyptian built them. However other civilizations have also built pyramidal structures.

What does nefer mean?

A word in the Ancient Egyptian language that was used to symbolize beauty and goodness.