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There isn't a lot of evidence showing exactly what games were popular in ancient Israel. Games likely weren't quite as popular in ancient Israel as it was in countries like Greece, though games did exist and ancient Israelite children did have toys to play with.

The people were a bit more focused on what's practical than either the ancient Greeks or today's modern culture, though at the same time more sensitive and community oriented (meaning they probably weren't as competitive in sports, though some may have enjoyed a more family/social focused game of sport). They also weren't as passionate about things such as athletics as they preferred "simple and natural amusements and exercises, and trials of wit and wisdom".

It is also believed by many scholars that children had toys such as dolls, skip rope, hoops, and some form of Board Games. The amount of toys and games children had would have also been strongly limited due to financial reasons. People in ancient Israel had less material possessions in general (many had one lounge/bedroom for a whole family, and often only had only one outfit to wear).

In summary, children were believed to have had toys and games including dolls, skip rope, hoops, and some form of board games (though often only very few toys due to financial reasons and the less materialistic culture). They may have also played sports, but preferred to do so for the social aspects more than the competitiveness. They also were passionate about God and the Bible and may have invented games based around this.

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Children played with circular hoops made from grape vines and stiff grasses all over the ancient world. The toy was propelled along the ground with a stick or swung around at the waist.

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They played board games such as

-dogs and jackals



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Q: What games did the ancient Egyptians play?
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The ancient Egyptians played a board game called senet. Although historians don’t know the exact rules of the game, it was widely popular in ancient times and was buried in tombs of pharaohs such as Tutankhamun.

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