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well, after the hero Perseus got through slaying the gorgon, Medusa, he rested in the garden of the Hespirides for the night. Atlas was warned that one day a son of Zeus would steal a golden apple from his tree, Atlas assumed that Perseus was the hero of the prophecy, although Perseus WAS a son of Zeus, the prophecy wasn't mentioning Perseus. Perseus saw Atlas and the two began to fight, after fighting for a while, Perseus brought out the head of Medusa, which turned Atlas to stone, and making him a tall mountain, which we know today, as the Atlas Mtns. The hero of the prophecy was ACTUALLY mentioning Hercules, who came a little while after, while he was on his quest to do the 12 impossible tasks.

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Q: What happened to Atlas in mythology?
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Atlas was from greek mythology

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It comes from Atlas of Greek mythology, making Atlas the Sea of Atlas

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