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agriculture in Egypt

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agriculture in Egypt

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Q: What is Ancient Egypt agriculture?
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What type of agriculture did ancient Egypt have?


What was the agriculture for ancient Egypt?

pyramids and tombs

What were the specialized labor in ancient Egypt?


What is Osirus the god of in Ancient Egypt?

Death and agriculture.

What did the economy of ancient Egypt rely most heavily on?


What ancient Egypt economy based on?

ancient Egypt's economy was based on agriculture and trading in surplus produce. Trade helped them expand there civilization.

Why was the development of agriculture important for ancient Egypt?

It provided food for the population to expand.

What was the specialization of labor in Ancient Egypt?

Agriculture(farming) irrigation Architecture(building)

What country did farming start in?

It is believed that agriculture started in ancient Egypt at the mouth of the Nile. Another possibility would be in ancient Mesopotamia.

What was the single largest industry during the old kingdom?

Agriculture as was throughout the history of Ancient Egypt and beyond.

How does agriculture develops ancient Egypt?

Agriculture encourages the development because when farmers produce food surpluses, the society's economy begins to expand and also becomes richer.

Who is the Minister of Agriculture for Egypt?

Ayman Abu Hadid is the Minister of Agriculture for Egypt.