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a group of mummies is called a festival

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no it is not

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Q: What is a group of mummies called?
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What are dried and wrapped bodies called?

They are called Mummies.

What is the thing on a mummies head called?

it is called a death mask

What are egyptians dead bodys called?


What are dried and wrapped bodies?

They are called Mummies.

What Is The Process Of Making Mummies Called?


Mummies were placed in coffins called a?

A mummy's 'coffin' is called a sarcophagus.

What is the name of the mummies on Zelda?

They're called 'Gibdo'.

What is the cloth called that mummies are made of?

it is made from linen.

What do you call the preserved bodies of ancient Egyptians?

its is called mummies

What was the cloth called used to rap the mummies in Egypt?


How many different types of mummies are there?

There are naturally preserved mummies which include:desert mummies , freeze dried mummies/ refrigerated mummies, bog bodies,Deliberately preserved mummies which include:egyptian mummies, chinese mummies, aleutian island mummy , Incan mummies and modern mummies

How come mummies hardly decompose in so many years ecpecially the hair?

mummies ARE preserved bodies..they wouldn't be called mummies if they decompose..and as for the hair, it doesn't really decompose. It's not just mummies. If you dig a grave from hundreds of years ago, i bet you will still see their hair. And most Egyptian mummies are bald by the way..