Do mummies kill people

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Do mummies kill people
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Why do people think that mummies will kill you?

they probaly like to eat your brains

How do you kill mummies?

shoot them in the head, burn them,or stab them to death

Is mummies a monster?

Mummies are preserved dead people. The mummies depicted in movies are fiction and are for entertainment, they do not exist.

How many times do you need to kill mummies to get carpet racer?


Are mummies a result of dry climate?

NO, mummies are people that are are wrapped in some kind of tissue. mummies are believed to still be alive after they are dead.

Which people were made into mummies?

special people

Which race of people used to preserve people as mummies?

The ancient egyptians preserved there people as mummies but mostly pharos and high people in Egypt lol M.V.G

Which mummies were destroyed in the Egypt crisis?

The mummies of two un-identified, non-royal people.

Where mummies made to scare people?


Where do people bury mummies?

in a pyramid

When did Egyptians start calling mummies mummies?

They started calling mummies mummies when the human was wrapped and when they were blessing the body with the sacred charms. They also started calling mummies mummies when the people who wrapped the body up thought of a name to call them and then they came up with the name when they put the oils on the body and mummified it.

How was people mummified?

they became mummies when they had a baby!