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Q: What is an ancient pile of refuse called?
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Is the word refuse a noun or a verb?

Refuse can be a noun OR a verb. Refuse is a verb when you use it as an action. This kind of refuse is defined as "to indicate or show that one is not willing to do something." Example: I refuse to go to that movie. Refuse is a noun when you refer to a pile of trash (synonym for refuse).

What is a large pile called?

A large pile is called a heap or a mound.

What is a heap or small hill of items that rhymes with smile?


Is a pile of newspapers called a bundle?

No, a pile of newspapers is typically called a stack or pile, not a bundle. Bundles are usually groups of newspapers that are wrapped or tied together for distribution.

What do you call a heap or small hill of items?

It is called a pile

What is a group of sand called?

A single 'piece' of sand is called a 'grain'.

What is a pile of things called?

A pile of things can be called: mound - an amount of something in a pile heap - a large pile of something, especially an untidy pile stack - a pile of things placed one on top of the othe mountain - a large pile or amount of something pyramid - a pile of things arranged in the shape of a pyramid bank - a long pile of earth, snow, or sand drift - a large pile of snow or sand formed by the wind wad - a thick pile or ball of papers, money, or thin cloth

What is the Greek god Hermes role in Ancient Greece?

In Ancient Greece, Hermes was a phallic god of boundaries. His name, in the form herma, was applied to a wayside marker pile of stones; each traveller added a stone to the pile.

When young men refuse to join the army in ancient roman what do they do?

they cant refuse they must go to keep their land they cant refuse they must go to keep their land

What is a pile of coins called?


A pile of stones is called a?


How did the Ancient Egyptians make vases?

they took clay molded it let it become what is called bone dry then they put it in the middle of a pile of wood lit it on fire and let it cook