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Another name for porcelain is stoneware. Porcelain is a type of stoneware that has the lowest absorption rate and is very hard and dense.

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Q: What is another name for porcelain?
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What is another name for Japanese porcelain?

Kutani, Imari, or Arita.

What mineral is used in porcelain sinks?

Porcelain, as the name suggests.

What was another name for the Japanese product kakiemon?

'Kakiemon' is a particular type of porcelain ware, considered a national cultural treasure in Japan.

What citrus fruit is also the name of a type of porcelain?

The mandarin is a type of citrus fruit and it is also the name given to a type of porcelain.

Why are porcelain chips put into the round bottomed flask?

Porcelain chips (or another material) are added to assure a nonviolent boiling.

How did bone china get its name?

The word porcelain actually comes from the French word "porcelain." During the 16th century, the word porcelain became more common.

What is the alternate name for a porcelain doll?

An alternate name for a porcelain doll is a bisque doll. The reason why it's called a bisque doll is because the doll is mainly made out of bisque porcelain and through this, the doll is characterized by their realistic looking figure.

How old is Porcelain Black?

Singer Porcelain Black, whose real name is Alaina Beaton, is 25 years old.

Why do you call porcelain ware as china ware?

Porcelain was created in China and it mostly stayed in China giving it the name "China"

What is the name for the blue and white porcelain?

Delft or delftware

What is the role of the porcelain chips in the flask?

to distribution the temperature in round bottom flask

What is the name of a ceramic made from clay ground glass and ash?

Hey I think it's porcelain Hey I think it's porcelain