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they are having a war

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Q: What is happening in current day mesopotamia?
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What is there to do in mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia was conquered and destroyed in1800 B.C. If you want to go there it is current day

What country is Mesopotamia at?

Mesopotamia was conquered and destoyed 500 years ago. It is "in" current day Iraq

Where was Mesopotamia and the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers?

"Mesopotamia" literally means "land between the rivers," in this case between the Tigris and Euphrates river. Mesopotamia (and I suppose its rivers, too) is in current day Iraq.

What is happening to the land of Mesopotamia now?

Mesopotamia is now Iraq. The country is currently in a state of unrest.

What country was the first to start documenting time in years?

Sumer,mesopotamia current day Iraq also partly syria.

What did Mesopotamia where?

Mesopotamia was in modern-day Egypt

What is one current event happening in Egypt?

the current event that has been happening in Egypt is.....

What is in Mesopotamia now?

Mesopotamia IS the former name. The current name is Iraq.

What is Mesopotamia part of?

mesopotamia is peart of mondern day iraq.

Where will you travel to locate Mesopotamia?

Mesopotamia is in modern day Iraq.

What do you call prestent day mesopotamia?

The land of former mesopotamia is extended within the current borders of southeast Turkey, East Syria, East Jordan and Iraq up to the water front of the Persian/ Arabian Gulf south of Iraq.

Is Mesopotamia a state?

No. Mesopotamia is an ancient civilization near modern day Iraq. Alot of our inventions have come from mesopotamia.