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Q: What is remains of ancient life?
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What remains of ancient life?


What are the Remains of ancient life preserved in rock?

They are called fossils.

What is the remains of ancient life preserved in the rock?

Burial in sediment

What is the person who studies the remains of past cultures?

An archaeologist studies the remains of past cultures, including artifacts, structures, and human remains, to understand the way of life of ancient peoples.

Fuels formed from the remains of ancient plant and animal life are called .?

Those are called fossil fuels.

Who studies remains of human life and civilization?

An archaeologist studies the remains of human life and civilization, including artifacts, structures, and other physical evidence left behind by past societies. They aim to understand the culture, behavior, and activities of ancient peoples through the analysis and interpretation of these remains.

How can we learn about ancient people's lives and what they valued?

There are scientists that study past life. An archaeologist (is what they are called) learns about past life by studying remains from long ago.

How do you extract precious metals from coal?

Precious metals are not typically extracted from coal as coal is primarily composed of carbon, hydrogen, and other elements. Precious metals are usually mined from ore deposits and not found in coal formations.

What is the definition of the word preserved remains?

"Preserved remains" is when you keep the remains of a dead person and treat them carefully. We preserve the remains of ancient humans and such.

What is the name of the remains of any previous living object?

The remains of any previous living object is called "fossil." Fossils can be bones, shells, imprints, or any other preserved evidence of ancient life.

What is the method of ancient remains?

carbon dating

Remains left by ancient people?